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  1. Our first server!

    Hello, Dear friends, fellow gamers, we have now opened up our first CS:GO server on this new journey.   /EF Owner
  2. Introduce yourself!

    This is just a general template feel free to write anything about yourself.   Name? Age? Birthday? Timezone? Gender? How long have you been playing? How often are you online and for how long? Favorite member(s) who plays on this server and why? Favorite Game? Favorite Song? Favorite Book? Favorite Movie? Favorite TV Show? Favorite vacation spot? Coolest place you visited? Favorite place to be alone? Favorite thing to do with your spare time? Favorite person you enjoy spending time with? Favorite thing to do when nobody's looking? Something that made you laugh ridiculously hard. Favorite Meme or GIF
  3. Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the IPS Community Suite. View our Pages documentation
  4. Welcome!

    Welcome to Elitefrag.com We are now starting our community and will probably start hosting servers for some games. Please feel welcomed and enjoy.